Armenian National Anthem

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Mer Hairenik, azat ankakh, (Our fatherland, free and independent,)
Vor aprel eh dareh dar (That lived from century to century)
Ir vordika ard kanchoom en (His children are calling)
Azat, ankakh Haiastan. (Free independent Armenia.)

Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Verse 2

Aha yeghpair qez mi drosh, (Here brother, for you a flag,)
Zor im dzerqov gortsetsi (That I made with my hands)
Gishernera yes qoon cheday, (Nights I didn't sleep,)
Artasoonqov luvatsi. (With tears I washed it.)

Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Verse 3

Nayir nran yereq gooynov, (Look at it, 3 colors)
Nvirakan mer nshan, (It's our gifted symbol.)
Togh poghpoghi tshnamoo dem, (Let it shine against the enemy.)
Togh meesht pandza Haiastan. (Let Armenia always be glorious.)

Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Verse 4

Amenayn tegh maha mi e (Everywhere death is the same)
Mard mee angam pitī merni, (Everyone dies only once)
Bayts yerani vor ir azgi (But lucky is the one)
Azatootyan ka zohvi. (Who is sacrificed for his nation.)

Repeat last 2 lines 2X

Repeat Verse 1
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