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Armenian Cooking

Tawa kufta She is eventful and can satisfy every gourmand. As an hors-d'oeuvre are handed all possible lettuces(salads), bean courts, cold meat food, fowl, cheese or Sudshuk (sharply spicy sausage).

Then milk soups are gladly eaten (Katnapur, Spas, Tanapur) or very tasty, but perhaps little bit unusual soups from lamb (Bosbasch) and chickens meat (Tschichirtma).

TolmaPopular main court is Tolma (minced meat with rice in wine sheets). Deliciously Tolma also tastes with apples, quinces or vegetable. Another national dish - Kjufta (cooked meat in form of small balls, with hot butter would pour water).

At the first place, however, stands naturally the Caucasian shish-grill (Armenian - Chorowaz). He is prepared from particularly exquisite pieces of lamb or pork which are speared and are roasted on charcoal. As an addition baked tomatoes, aubergines or peppers belong to it.

Sewan-ForelleA delicacy is the Sewan-trout (the Armenians name them "Ischchan", means "monarch"). The proverb is called: if Ischchan Stands on the table, here other fish dishes have to search for nothing. Stimulating ingredients as well as sauces are gladly eaten various greens and appetite. Pay attention to that Armenian courts(dishes) contain a lot of salt, pepper and garlic.

Interesting that instead of the words breakfast, lunch or supper the notion "bread dinner" is stamped. The reason: the quota in bread is quite big. The national bread sort calls Lawasch - thin pancakes, in sound stoves baked. Forelle with LavashStill today in villages it is a custom to bake in the Sourish Lawasch on supply. He is dried, stacked and covered some months held. So that he is soft then again, one moistens the Lawasch with water. The Armenian housewives gladly prepare all possible farinaceous foods, sweets and jam. On every table belong fresh or dried fruit, nuts, almonds and other natural products.

Wine and Cognac.

Brandy NAIRI Today the Jerewaner winepress economy belongs to biggest of the country(land). She puts on the market 38 sorts. The simple Armenian wines are deposited three months up to a year. Brand wines 2 to 6 years, collection wines more than 6 years. Armenian Cognak is at home and abroad a notion. In the spacious cellars of the Cognak-factory of Erevan stores in oak barrels spirit from the beginning of our century. The very complicated Rezeptur - a mixture old Spirituses with newer - brings high-qualitative sorts as a final result. The simple Cognaks carry asterisk, each calls a storage year of the spirit. Armenian MarkenCognaks become prizewinning on international contests again. Mundig and aromatically are the Cognaksorten "Jubilejny" and "Achtamar". "Armenia" (45%) consists of the best spirit sorts, he loses his(its) aroma only slowly.

Is still stronger the "Dwin". He is by no means 50-per cent, however, affected his(its) spicy aroma. The strongest Cognak is "Erevan" (57%). He exists(consists) of a lot of long-stored spirit sorts. There falls out the "Prasdnitschny" with his(its) 42%, produced from the oldest spirit sorts, still mild.