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Armenien - Armenia   The Armenians state, they would get along without a special open air museum of historical buildings.
Their whole country is such a museum. They have even quite. More than 4000 historical buildings in the country are under monument protection - under it a temple from the first pre-Christian century.

Echmiadsin, the former center of the Armenian-Gregorian church is fascinating. There are to a cathedral (Ur-year of construction 303) beside the churches Hripsime (618), Gajaneh (630) and Shogakat (1694). Near Echmiadsin you see the ruin of the dome circular building of the Zwartnots church (7th Jh.). That is Armenia ur-architectural piece of splendour. The pictorial ravine of Awan leads to the summer residence of the Armenian kings, the fortress Garni (3rd Jh.). Not far of Garni, at the upper run of the Asad river, you find another masterpiece of the Stonebuilding - the cave monastery Gegard. For seven centuries there are these to the 'in-the-rock' churches, monk cells and praying.

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Tempel Garni Goshavank Gyumri
Tempel Garni Goshavank Gyumri
Khor Virap Armenien - Armenia Tatev
EchmiadsinGeghardArmenien - ArmeniaArmenien - Armenia
Armenien - ArmeniaRipsimeArmenien - ArmeniaEchmiadzin
Zwartnits-Ruinen Zwartnots-Ruinen Zwartnots und Berg Ararat
Amberd-Ruinen St.Gregor St.Gregor
Karmravor West Armenia

Armenien - Armenia  Armenien - Armenia  Armenien - Armenia

St.Gregor LIVE aus Jerewan

Armenien - Armenia   The cruel yoke of enemies could not break however the liberty love of the Armenian people. Its centuries-old history is the history of fights and victories, suffering and joys. The Armenians, who proved unbelievable vitality, retained its customs, despite the cruel Genocide their language, developed its independent culture.
As the first country in the world Armenia took in the year 301 the Christianity as official religion an.

in the year 396 created the Mesrop Maschthots the Armenian writing.
the antiken Armenian building masters created such architectural masterpieces like the brightistic temple Garni (1.AD), the cathedral in Etschmiadsin (4th AD.), the Ripsime church (7th AD), the churches in Zwartnoz (7th AD) and Agarzin (11 AD), the cave churches in Geghard (13th AD) and others.

In 10.-13. AD are created in Armenia the first universities, the most well-known were in Ani, Gladsor and Tatew. More than 2000 years ago there was theatre in Armenia already. As the Greek historian Plutarch testifies, in Artaschat, the capital at that time of the state, tragedies were specified by Aischylos, Sophokles and Euripides.  Armenien - Armenia  Armenien - Armenia  Armenien - Armenia